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Speak Summer

French: L’été

Spanish: Verano

Italian: L’estate

Going out for tapas? You might see a “tinto de verano” on the menu. “Vino tinto” refers to red wine in Spanish, so “tinto de verano” means summer red and is usually a mix of red wine and some bubbly water. If you like Sangria then get it. It’s very refreshing.

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Speak Salad

Salad in the romance languages pretty much sounds like….salad.  Regardless if you find yourself in a bistro, tapas bar or trattoria and are craving one, here you go:

French: Salade

Italian: Insalata

Spanish: Ensalada

(O and fun fact, the word salad derives from salt and you can really see this in the Italian and Spanish as “sal” means salt in Spanish, “sale” in Italian.  It’s “sel” in French, but close enough!)

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Speak Pepper

Even though in English we use the word pepper for both the vegetable and the spice, other languages generally have two different, though very similar words. AND while pepperoni has come to mean a type of sausage we often get on our pizza, it actually means pepper, the vegetable, in Italian!

Italian = peperone (veg), pepe (spice)

Spanish= pimiento (veg), pimienta (spice)

French= poivron (veg), poivre (spice)

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Speak Italian

Assaggiare = to taste
un Assaggio = a taste
un Assaggino = a little taste

Sentence: Vuoi assaggiare un po’ della mia pasta speciale?
Translation: Want to taste a lil’ of my special pasta?

Adding “ino” to a word makes it little, just as adding “one” makes it big!