Food Facts

Fact: MSG is not just this synthetic horrible thing that is made in a lab.

While, sadly, most of the MSG we consume is, it was originally discovered on alga by a Japanese scientist.  Believe it or not, it is a naturally occurring yummy factor to many of our favorite foods.  Today it is mass produced to serve as a flavor enhancer, but not all MSG is bad.  Even though it’s hard to find the good stuff, but dont always be scared of it.  If there is a little MSG in the ramen at Ippudo, just eat it! But as always- everything in moderation!

Fact: 90% of Vanilla used in the USA is synthetic

Fact: There is NO actual truffle in truffle oil

 Don’t let anyone fool you: it is scientifically unproven and economically nuts to produce truffle oil with actual truffles.  Truffle oil is made with either nature identical or chemical based aromas.  Nature identical uses extracts from good ingredients such as fruit and vegetables and has a clean flavor that will last on your plate and in your kitchen.  Chemical based aromas are made from petroleum based products and will quickly fade and repeat on you.  If your only experience with this magnificent tuber is through truffle oil, PLEASE try them again.  I recommend truffle salt as it generally tends to have actual pieces of dehydrated truffle.  Try some on popcorn or your eggs- it’s delicious! (Also a head-turning snack at the movies)

Fact: Cold Pressed more like “Warm Centrifuge”

Very little olive oil is actually “pressed” anymore.  Rather than being pressed, most of it is put through a centrifuge in order to separate the juice and pits from the oil.  “Cold” means less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  So more like “warm press”

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